How It Works

Here at Agilance, we are innovating a new way of caring for patients with heart problems by using cutting-edge technologies.  


Once you call in or use our online scheduling tool, a representative will call you immediately.  After answering a short series of questions over the phone, our proprietary app based on artificial intelligence will estimate the  risk of you having a life-threatening event.  If it is determined to be an emergency, an ambulance will be called to bring you to the emergency room. On the other hand, if your risk is deemed to be reasonably low, our cardiologist will connect to you via telemedicine and formulate a diagnostic plan to be performed in our office. 


You will likely undergo a series of tests that will help to determine the true diagnosis. These tests may include an electrocardiogram, echocardiogram, heart monitor, stress testing, and a CT scan of your heart.


Our expedited approach will help you avoid wasting your time and money in going to the emergency room if your case is not a true emergency.