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About Us

Agilance is dedicated to taking care of your heart. Because chest pain or palpitations may herald a life-threatening event, we will guide you to the right medical care in the shortest period of time.

You will be promptly evaluated by a heart specialist equipped with cutting-edge technologies such as hand-held ultrasound at the bedside, heart monitoring in real-time, and CT scan of your heart if needed on the same day.

Our Approach

Through telemedicine, you will be connected to a paramedic working with a cardiologist. In most cases, you will be directed to our heart center to get further testing on the same day if deemed necessary.

Once at our center, you will be evaluated by a heart specialist who will decide on the next steps. You will likely get an electrocardiogram (EKG) and ultrasound study of your heart (echocardiogram). Other tests you may need include a heart monitor (telemetry), a stress test, a computed tomography (CT) scan of the blood vessels of your heart, or a nuclear stress (PET) test of blood flow to your heart.

Based on our expedited evaluation, you will receive the definitive treatment which may include heart medications or stenting of blood vessels of your heart.

Most, if not all, of your tests will be covered by your health insurance, depending on your individual policy.


Here at Agilance, our mission is centered around three main goals:

Improve patient's convenience, cost and health outcomes.

Improve patient's access to the latest diagnostic technologies and treatment options.

Reduce excessive usage of Emergency Room resources as mandated by the government's new ET3 program

We hope to take care of your health!

Artificial Intelligence

The likelihood of you having a life-threatening heart condition can be predicted by our proprietary algorithm, helping the doctor to act quickly.

Mobile Telemedicine

You can communicate with a paramedic who can pick you up and drive you to where you need to be.

Expert Cardiologist

Your care will be supervised by a heart specialist working with the paramedic in real-time through telemedicine. You will be send directly for stenting of your heart blockage if it is decided you need the treatment, bypassing the emergency room.

Cutting-edge Diagnostics

You will have access to advanced diagnostic tests such as echocardiography, continuous real-time heart monitoring, stress testing, and heart CT or PET scan.

How It Works

Here at Agilance, we are innovating a new way of caring for patients with heart problems by using cutting-edge technologies.


Once you call in or use our online scheduling tool, a representative will call you immediately. After answering a short series of questions over the phone, our proprietary app based on artificial intelligence will estimate the risk of you having a life-threatening event. If it is determined to be an emergency, an ambulance will be called to bring you to the emergency room. On the other hand, if your risk is deemed to be reasonably low, our cardiologist will connect to you via telemedicine and formulate a diagnostic plan to be performed in our office.


You will likely undergo a series of tests that will help to determine the true diagnosis. These tests may include an electrocardiogram, echocardiogram, heart monitor, stress testing, and a CT scan of your heart.


Our expedited approach will help you avoid wasting your time and money in going to the emergency room if your case is not a true emergency.